Yak– A Better Yarn than Cashmere

Yak sweater is popular in recent years.

Yaks are majestic animals that live on the highest plateau in the world, in the Himalayan regions. Yak fiber is 30%warmer than wool and 1.6 times more breathable than cashmere.

Each yak every year provides just 100g of fine, downy fiber.

Yaks are low-carbon emission animals with efficient digestive systems, emitting fewer greenhouse gases, including methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. The nomadic lifestyle of yaks with frequent seasonable migration prevents overgrazing in one area. Their grass and shrubby vegetation diet also contributes to positive environmental impact and aligns with grassland conservation initiatives as yaks graze and feed gently without pulling up roots.


1/4NM 31%Yak 31%Alpaca 16%RWS Extrafine Merino Wool 22%Recycled Nylon

KHANGRI ECO mixes some precious yak, alpaca and RWS extrafine merino fibers into a seducingly lofty yarn with a lightly felted handle.KHANGRI ECO is perfect for extra chunky,relaxed knitwear to keep you warm and cosy during the coldest days of winter.

khangri eco


2/15NM 50%Yak 50%RWS Merino Wool

SUBLIME ECO has an irresistible softness thanks to a balanced mix of yak and RWS extrafine merino wool.

sublime eco


2/21NM 35%Yak 51%RWS Extrafine Merino Wool 14%Cotton

BOND ECO has an attractive marled effect and a delicate sheen. Yak and RWS extrafine merino fibers were mixed together and twisted with top quality cotton to achieve this sophisticated effect.

bond eco


2/26NM 100%Yak

COSSET is the signature 100% yak yarn that showcases all the beautiful tactile and performance qualities of this unique fiber.


If you are interested in Yak sweater, please feel free to contact:

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