Wool Sweaters for Sports

Three years of hard times have made mountaineering, hiking, skiing, camping and other sports a new trend of sports/ leisure.

Wool sweaters are very good choice for sports.

According to the traditional view, cotton fabric is more suitable for sports. But in fact, when exercising, cotton clothing can not quickly evaporate the remaining sweat. Chemical fiber clothing is also far inferior to natural fiber clothing in terms of comfort and air permeability. Wool and cashmere are better choices to solve these problems.

Wool cashmere sweaters, in addition to being suitable for keeping warm, also has unique advantages in sports scenes.

1. Superior air permeability.

The fiber structure of wool and cashmere is conducive to air circulation and provides excellent air permeability for clothing. Help us to regulate our body temperature in cold climates to keep warm. It also helps us to stay comfortable in a warm climate and have a good wearing experience. Wool sweaters are the good choices.

2. Moisture management.

Wool and cashmere have a natural ability to absorb moisture and perspiration and can quickly absorb sweat from the body surface. The moisture is discharged through small pores to maintain the dryness of the clothes. Maintain a refreshing and comfortable wearing experience during sports and activities, so that the skin can breathe on its own. You need at least one wool sweater, pullover or cardigan.

3. Flexibility and elasticity.

High-quality wool and cashmere, light, soft and skin-friendly. Their natural elasticity makes the clothes more suitable to the body and can easily follow every movement and curve.

It provides a comfortable and comfortable experience for the wearer. They are wool sweaters!

Flexibility is the key to freedom of movement, and excellent elasticity can make clothes more suitable for the body. Thus provides a flexible activity space, whether sports or leisure activities are more comfortable. In addition, machine washability is also a necessary condition for leisure and sportswear.

The following two sets of yarns are recommended:

1.CELESTE 2/68nm 78%cashmere 22%pet

Select high quality cashmere. The product is light and delicate, soft to the touch, comfortable and warm. With superior stretch resilience, can be gently machine washed, easy to clean and maintain, keep the clothing clean and tidy, customers can enjoy all kinds of activities more easily.

78%cashmere 22%pet

2.KOS 2/5nm 80%basolan merino wool 20%pet

The use of treated very fine Merino wool, feel rich and soft, comfortable and friendly without itching. With excellent elasticity and light warmth, it is very suitable for making high-quality leisure knitted wool sweaters.

80%basolan wool 20%pet

If you want to develop better wool sweaters for sports. Please feel free to contact us: lucinda@blkfz.com   miya@blkfz.com

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