Will You Still Pay for The Christmas Sweaters?

        Christmas Sweater is one of the necessities products at Christmas. People like the bright colorful colors to create an atmosphere of happiness and joy

        The annual Christmas is coming.
Christmas in European countries, just like the Spring Festival in China, has specific holidays, specific activities, ceremonies, and so on.
        As far as I know, in the UK, there is Christmas sweater Day, which is the warmest charity event in ugly Christmas sweaters.

        Today I’d like to have an in-depth discussion on christmas knitwear sweaters. How to custom and make an christmas jumper order to the knitwear manufacturer.

An earlier Christmas sweater

christmas elements with bright colors

        In order to cater to the Christmas holiday atmosphere, the colors of Christmas sweaters are generally colorful. Because it uses many Christmas elements, such as red and white Santa Claus; green Christmas trees; white snowflakes; golden bells; brown elk; and various colorful decorative elements.

the total utilization rate is low

        Because the Christmas sweater belongs to the product used in a specific scene, so its usual utilization rate is very low. Especially the ugly Christmas jumper/sweater.

yarn selection

        The christmas knitwear wear in the cold season. Soft and warm hand feel is necessary. so the knitting gauge we always choose like 7gg with jacquard pattern, neither too think nor too thick. The knitwear weight control at 580gram-650gram.

        The christmas sweater is always single-use, so the cost-competitive is important. Most customers don’t want to pay a high cost for this chrsitmas jumper. 

        That like 100% soft acrylic high bulk yarn is the first choice. This quality is soft, fluffy, and warm. Comfortable when wearing,  the important is with the good price. 

        And for some middle and high-end brands, like 85%soft acrylic 15%wool for your knitwear products is a good choice.

knitting machine

        About the knitting machine, like the colorful colors of the jacquard pattern or the intarsia pattern design, high request of the yarn carriers, the normal knitting machine about 8 yarn carriers. Like the christmas sweater always have more than 5 colors, some need the intarsia pattern, so most time needs about 16 or even more. That we will choose the STOLL or Shima Seiki knitting machine.

Today's Christmas sweaters

       With the awakening of people’s awareness of environmental protection, for sustainable development, for our survival of the earth environment. The textile industry and brands have also made efforts in the field of Christmas sweaters.

the change of style and pattern

        In recent years, the color of Christmas sweaters has changed from bright to plain, the pattern has changed from large patterns to the small logos, and the style has shifted from a specific holiday atmosphere to causal

yarn selections

        Among fashion brands, sustainable yarn is also used in Christmas sweaters. Some high-end brands also choose raw materials such as wool/cashmere/mohair.

the efforts of all sectors of society

       Charity “Save The Children” also advocates for people to buy Christmas sweaters in second-hand stores instead of fast fashion brands to buy “new” sweaters.
       Some joint styles of Christmas sweaters have also been carried out between brands to increase the utilization rate of sweaters.

Customed Christmas Sweaters by BLING-K

OEM service

Send us your tech pack and we discuss the detailed quality,  start the proto sample.

Then goes into the next step, the process flow chart can be received by sending emails to lucinda@blkfz.com  miya@blkfz.com

ODM service

Send us your inspiration, then we will start sourcing from yarn quality, pattern, texture, embellishments, etc. When reaching the agreement, go to the next step.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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