Will You Buy 100%organic Cotton Knitting Sweaters with GOTS Certified?

GOTS hangtag
GOTS hangtag

        At present, 99% of factories in China are not certified by GOTS. But we are very proud to say that we have a complete GOTS supply chain. If you just need to develop organic cotton product line, then from our point of view, we can provide you with GOTS garment TC. If you own a GOTS certificate, then congratulations, find our cooperation. You can hang with your own brand and Gots Certificate number of the Gots Tag.

        As we all know, we have only one Earth. It is the responsibility of all of us to protect the Earth’s ecological environment and create a better living environment.

In recent years, this responsibility has permeated every industry.

In the clothing industry, there are also a variety of environmental certification, from the source of yarn to the final ready-to-wear.

        Today we’re going to talk about GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard

        The goal of the GOTS certification is to ensure that organic textiles are standardized from harvest, through raw materials, through processing, and through final product packaging. In order to deliver a reliable product to the end consumer. This new, unique certification code requires textile manufacturers to regulate their organic textile and apparel production to globally accepted standards. This is an important measure to achieve the harmonization and transparency of textile labels.

        The GOTS standard covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, marking, trading and distribution of all organically certified textiles with a fibre content of not less than 70% . End products may include (but are not limited to) fiber products, yarns, fabrics, clothing, textile fashion (wearing) accessories, textile toys, home textiles, mattresses and textile personal care products.

        The contents of the standard include: raw materials, production process, packaging and transportation, inputs (including accessories, dyes, processing aids, etc.) , production records, social norms, environmental management, quality control (including technical quality parameters and residues detection) and so on.

        In our knitting industry, for example, if a sweater with a GOTS tag, it requires that it go from the raw material side to the yarn factory to the dyeing factory to the sweater factory to the exporter to the ready-to-wear brand, gots certification is required throughout the supply chain. Because the whole supply chain of GOTS certification needs higher costs, the general market is used to go with GOTS yarn TC. For example, an organic cotton sweater, issued by the GOTS yarn TC, that only means that this sweater is using GOTS certified cotton.

        Gots’s garment TC means the organic cotton sweater is GOTS certified and contains no less than 70% organic cotton, from yarn to sweater factory to exporter. This is definitely a milestone, with very high social significance.

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