What is the Organic Wool

    Organic wool is produced on organic farms that are free of chemicals and GMOs. These flocks are free-range, grown entirely in nature. 

    Organic wool has no wool that has been contaminated with harmful chemicals.

organic wool
organic farm

1. It better supports the safety of animals

    With the deepening of environmental protection, the action to protect the environment and animals has been further strengthened. Sheep are raised in organic ways include fed, sheltered, and transported with due consideration to their health. Farmers take a disease-preventive approach to the health of their sheep, so animals don’t have to be treated with antibiotics or pesticides. Organic animals are grazing on organic land, raised on organic feed, and are free to pursue their natural behaviors with a lot of space and free-range to live.


2. Do not use harmful chemicals

    The high standard of organic wool ensures that chemical substances must strictly meet the testing requirements of toxic substances and biodegradability. In the process of textile production to ensure environmental protection and oeko-tex standards. Although with the increasing progress of human’s idea of environmental protection, chemical substances are gradually approaching environmental protection. In contrast, some non-organic production and use may inevitably appear some non-environmental chemical additives.

organic farm

3.No harmful residue on finished knitwear products

    Organic wool is the production and processing of organic textiles that prohibits and restricts the use of harmful chemicals.

So that the final finished garment does not contain allergenic, carcinogenic, or toxic chemical residues.

In the first quarter of 2022, we have completed six styles of 100%organic wool knitting products. The knitwear products include pullover, cardigan, vest, dress, tank top,skirt with GOTS organic.

If you are going to develop 100%organic wool knitwear products, you are more welcome to contact us.


Email: lucinda@blkfz.com   miya@blkfz.com


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