What Do You Know About Wool for Summer Use?

Wool is an excellent natural fiber. It is not only used in cold winter but also could used in hot summer.

Today let’s show the excellent aspects of wool use in summer for you.


1. Why is wool 100% natural?

Wool is naturally transported from a group of natural raw materials, and the lambs on the pasture thrive on water, air, sunshine and grass to produce delicate and soft wool.

About 500000 pastures in more than 100 countries produce wool, and sheep grow new wool every year, usually shearing it once a year.

Wool is 100% biodegradable. At the end of the life of each piece of wool clothing, the wool releases nutrients back into the soil.

2. What is the difference between wool and synthetic materials such as polyester fiber?

Synthetic materials are often processed from petroleum, which is a non-renewable fossil energy.

The natural merino wool from Australian pastures is conceived naturally and can grow and metabolize again.

After discarding, it will also be decomposed naturally in the soil in months or years, without causing a burden to the environment.

3. What are the advantages of wool fiber in daily life?

* fresh and odor-free

the complex chemical structure of wool can absorb and lock the odor and release it only during washing.

* keep dry from sweating

wool can transmit excess heat from the surface of the skin and absorb it from the skin, making it 25% more powerful than polyester fiber.

* regulating body temperature

wool can absorb water vapor in the surrounding environment more effectively, absorb up to 35% of its weight, and release heat to regulate body temperature.

4. Why can wool help you sleep?

Wool mattress has more pressure point dispersion, better heat preservation and better sweat absorption, making it more comfortable.

Try to change the bed products and pajamas into wool in summer to have a good night’s dream.

5. Which professional groups can get help from wool?

The strength, temperature and humidity management of wool, as well as anti-odor and other properties, are increasingly used in the field of innovation.

Assist the excellent performance of athletes in some high-intensity sports events and training.

Because of its inherent durability, flame retardancy and multi-function, it is also suitable for protection in some special industries such as fire protection, medical treatment and other fields.

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