Looking for a sweater factory or a trader?

Sweater Factory or trader?

Wow, congratulations! You are going to start your own knitwear sweater business finally!

Looking for a sweater factory or a trader is actually a question worth discussing.
Why do many buyers prefer to pay commission to cooperate with traders rather than sweater factories?
No matter how the times change, there are always trading companies doing a great job.
The last time I happened to chat with a Swedish trader, he told me a very important reason: “Foreigners trust more western companies, I can speak fluently English and Swedish with them and I know what they want and dont want.”

Actually, good communication is very important. Knowing what the customers need and what they don’t want is even more valuable. In addition, working with local traders will be more at ease, if something comes up, you can go directly to their company, in the same country, abide by the same law.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Factories have advantages as well as traders.

The advantages of sweater factories

1. The sweater product price will be relatively better, and there is no middleman.
2. Communication is fast, directly, there is no one to retell.
3. Quick response to quality control.

The disadvantages of sweater factories

1. The production capacity of a sweater factory is limited, when the production capacity is exceeded, the shipment will be tight.
2. Communication and work are not very meticulous, there is no professional personnel docking, which may require additional personnel docking.
3. The sweater factory’s product structure is single, if it is necessary to do diversified products, a factory can not be responsible for it.
4. To get a good price, the quantity will be required.

The advantages of traders

1. Good communication.
2. Can mobilize resources very quickly, be very flexible, and save time.
3. Professionalism, understand the needs of the sweater market.
4. Good service and focus on details.

The disadvantages of traders

1. Customized products can not be quoted quickly, need to wait for quotation of sweater factory.
2. The waiting time will be relatively long because it is the role of the middleman.

How to choose from?

    Not all sweater factories and traders have such advantages and disadvantages.
    With the change of the times, sweater factories and traders are becoming more and more professional.Tthey are constantly improving their ability to better serve customers and meet customer needs. 

    Most sweater factories have their own trade departments, and a small number of traders have their own factories. In fact, this is a very good phenomenon, which will only make category segmentation, service more professional. Such a development, to do vertical products of the customer is very friendly. For customers who do comprehensive products, it is still recommended to find traders.Because all the products are handed over to traders for sourcing, which will save a lot of time.

Therefore, to find a sweater factory or a trader, this is not absolute. Look at your own products, and then labor time.
Again, what suits you is the best.
I hope you all can find a factory or trader suitable for you.

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