Thinking About Black Sweaters

Search volume of black sweater

    When you go shopping to buy yourself a sweater, will you choose a black sweater?
    With this question in mind, I searched with google trends.
    I typed in a black sweater, white sweater, red sweater, brown sweater, and gray sweater for search and comparison. Then the results showed that black sweaters had the highest global search volume of the five colors in the past 12 months.

the global search volum of black sweater

Why is black sweater

    Why is a black sweater? I thought about it carefully.


    Color has an effect on the size of objects, including hue and lightness. Warm colors and high brightness colors have the effect of diffusion, so the object appears large. While cool and dark colors have cohesion, so the object appears small. 

    Different lightness and warmth are sometimes shown by contrast. So warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow can make objects look bigger than they really are. Cool colors such as blue and brown can make objects look smaller than they really are. The lightness of black is zero, so the shrinkage effect is the most obvious.


    Black is relatively versatile and not easy to make mistakes. Black can go with almost any color.

Is black sweater friendly to fat people

    Not really.
    Believe it or not, colors have visual weight. Of the same size, black gives the impression of being relatively heavier.
    As a result, black sweaters sometimes don’t make you look thinner and make you look heavier.


The black pullover has a wrinkle design with a ribbon at the neckline.

The black sweater is made of 100%MerinoWool, touch soft.

It can be paired with pants and a skirt on a daily occasion.


The black cardigan has a single button design and a round neck.

The black cardigan is made of a mohair blend, touch soft and warm.

It can be paired with pants and a skirt on a daily occasion.

    When choosing, I think we can combine our own body shape and temperament to enhance our strengths and avoid weaknesses.
    For example, with a pear-shaped figure, you can choose a short black sweater with an A-shaped skirt or turnip pants to modify the overall proportion.
How to wear is a piece of knowledge, with a good match, can improve the whole person’s temperament, coming out with amazing.

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