The Maillard of knitted sweaters

Maillard Style

“Maillard Style” is the key fashion word you should know this fall and winter! The name “Maillard” comes from the fact that when food is cooked, it forms a distinctive caramel or dark brown coating, a phenomenon known as the “Maillard Reaction”

Maillard dressing refers to the use of the browning color in the frying process of a steak in dressing. Large areas of brown are matched with small areas of orange, showing a very strong sense of atmosphere in dressing. Also especially suitable for autumn and winter season, giving a comfortable warm and high-level beauty.

The Maillard style that extends on the fashion refers to the caramel tone, the coffee tone. Refers to the different shades of coffee, you can use different materials of brown or different shades of brown items to complete the overall

Maillard Style
maxmara-Maillard Style
Hermes-maxmara-Maillard Style
Maillard Style

In fact, in our opinion, Brown and earth colors have always been high-fashion colors, each year there will be knitted sweater orders in these colors.

It’s just that this year, it’s especially popular.

Compared to knitted sweaters, it is based on brown color base, with contrasted colors and different designs and graphics. The idea of a collision is also eye-opening. Today I want to talk about alpaca/mohair/wool sweaters.

We have a Norwegian customer who has always been very fond of mohair, so her products are also mohair sweaters in different proportions. Her best-selling product is 72% kid mohair, 26% nylon, and 2% spandex.

This year, Alpaca has become a rising star among the major brands and has also launched several alpaca ring jackets.

In addition, I like a 100% wool brown cardigan, with contrasting design, very good-looking.

If you have interests in mohair,alpaca,wool knitwear sweaters, please feel free to contact:

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