Summer Yarns from UPW for Summer Knitwear

Some of our customers are loyal fans of UPW, and UPW has been committed to the innovation of environmentally friendly yarns.

Although the price is relatively expensive, it is friendly to our planet.

Today, I would like to recommend several groups of yarns suitable for summer, which are very good for knitting products.

Walk, run, climb, bask in the sun, soak in sweat.

In summer, it is necessary to spread life energy wantonly where there is no ceiling.

1. Not afraid of mugginess in summer

What summer is afraid of is not the high temperature, but stuffiness.

The hot air lingered around and could not go away, just like the sticky and uncomfortable feeling before the heavy rain.

Jade ECO consist 60%cotton 40% cool Jade recycled polyester,  neutralizes the instant drying characteristics of recycled polyester and the comfortable skin affinity of cotton, which solves the problem of airtight fabric.

It is the best choice for summer sports suit.

PISCINA ECO: which combines the breath ability of COOLMAX EcoMade recycled polyester and the softness of cotton.

Let the knitted garments have both simplicity and elasticity, better match the needs of sports.

jade eco
Piscina Eco
Piscina Eco

2. Not afraid of the sun in summer.

The charming of summer seems to be inseparable from the sun, bright, vigorous and wanton.

Everything in the sun is lovely. To isolate from UV damage that you can enjoy the charm of knitting.

This way you can choose SOLIS ECO which contains 40% UV-resistant recycled polyester.

And the balance 60% of the high-quality cotton makes it fresh and comfortable.

Physical sunscreen function and cool texture make SOLIS ECO match well with summer, which is especially suitable for summer outdoor sports clothing.


3. Take care of the skin in summer.

Clothes in summer are always light and thin, large part of skin exposed in free radicals environment, skincare has become one of the difficult problems.

Aria ECO weaves the care of the skin into the clothing to protect the skin from the source.

SeaCell Loycell fiber made from seaweed has the property of high oxidation resistance.

It can effectively capture free radicals and avoid skin damage caused by exposure to free radicals.

Aria ECO series is a blend of high-quality organic cotton and SeaCell Loycell.

Therefore, the fabric made by it can be used as the first barrier against environmental damage caused by free radicals.

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