Silk and Silk Blend Yarn for Knitted Sweaters

This is the sourcing season for SS25.

Summer is a good time, it’s a season full of vigor and vitality, and everything is shining.

In this wonderful time, let’s take a look at the luxurious silk.

Silk has been a symbol of elegance and nobility since ancient times.

It flows the cultural heritage of the year before last, and is the treasure of Chinese traditional culture.


Silk cultivation needs specific environment and conditions, which is very important for the quality of silk.

In addition to suitable temperature, humidity and light, it is also necessary to breed in low-pollution areas. And there needs to be an adequate, fresh and pollution-free supply of mulberry leaves.


The process of drawing silk and peeling cocoons is tedious and time-consuming, and it is one of the important steps in making silk.

Each link requires fine operation and strict quality control, so that high-quality silk can be obtained.


Mulberry silk is a fiber that secretes silk liquid and solidifies during the cocooning of mature silkworms.

A collection of light, soft and fine natural protein fibers.

Known as the “fiber queen” of nature, and enjoys the reputation of “the second layer of skin”.

silk cocoon

The advantages of mulberry silk:

1. Permeable and hygroscopic

The hollow fiber structure of mulberry silk has excellent moisture absorption and perspiration properties and air permeability.

Can keep the skin dry, especially suitable for summer use.

The air permeability of mulberry silk is 1.5 times higher than that of cotton, and the moisture absorption of mulberry silk is 1.5 times higher than that of wool.

2. Natural antibacterial and skin nourishing

mulberry silk is rich in 18 amino acids that are beneficial to the human body, which help to maintain the luster and elasticity of the skin.

And it can always breed and reproduce bacteria on the surface of the skin, thus helping to keep the skin healthy.

3. Soft and glossy

Mulberry silk fiber is composed of protein, with good elasticity and toughness, smooth and soft at the same time.

In addition, there is a layer of sericin on the surface of the silk fiber, which makes the silk have a unique luster.

Fine silk has its own luxurious luster.

Recommend two types of yarn.


2/48NM 85%silk 15%cashmere.


Selected silk and cashmere blend, compatible with the characteristics of two precious fibers.

The woven fabric is soft, delicate, soft and waxy, bright color and skin-friendly. Dress comfortably and without burden.




2/48NM 75%ultra-fine merinowool 25%silk.

It is made of Mercerized ultra-fine merino wool blended with silk.

The yarn has soft and smooth touch, natural luster and good moisture absorption and permeability, just like the second layer of our human skin.


Choose these two yarns to do knitwear that can be worn in hot summer.

Feel free if any inquiries.

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