Seawool® Recycled Polyester Knitwear

When it comes to recycled polyester, we are referring to recycling through waste plastic bottles.

What is recycled polyester?

Recycled polyester, is made from recycled plastic bottles. It is a great way to divert plastic from our landfills and oceans. The production of recycled polyester requires far fewer resources than that of new fibers and generates fewer CO2 emissions.

waste bottles
waste bottles
bottles from the ocean

But today I’m going to talk about another kind of recycled polyester — Seawool®Recycled Polyester

What is Seawool®Recycled Polyester?

Seawool® utilizes a patented processing technology from Taiwan to create yarn made from recycled polyester (PET-with pulverized oyster shell composites.It is an innovative cradle to cradle yarn that not only upcycles both land and sea waste,but also offers a unique mix of properties that meet the needs of the every day consumer.

The process begins with the collection and recycling of oyster shells,which are subsequently pulverized into a powder.

This powder is then applied to coat the pellets, forming a composite yarn. Recycled bottles are gathered, chopped into chips, and

melted into uniform pellets. These pellets are re-melted and spun into yarn.

Seawool®recycled polyester resources
seawool recycled polyester wool blend knitted jumper
seawool recycled polyester wool blend knitted jumper
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