Rare Cashmere Sweaters

Goats live in extremely cold areas at high altitude. in order to withstand the cold winter, there is a layer of soft fluff under the coarse wool, which is called cashmere.

Cashmere has been sought after by the market for many years because of its light, soft and excellent thermal performance.

Each goat can produce an average of 150 grams of cashmere a year.

The cashmere production of five goats is only enough to make one cashmere sweater.

High-quality cashmere is so precious that it is called soft gold and fiber gemstone.

alashan goat

The Emperor of Cashmere-Alashan  White Cashmere.

High quality white medium white cashmere is very commendable.

The white cashmere produced by Alashan is regarded as luxury cashmere and is a treasure among goats.

Alashan is located in the west of Inner Mongolia Autonomous region, with the characteristics of both desert and Gobi.

Strong sun and strong wind, extreme temperature, the lowest can reach-35 ℃, the highest can reach 44 ℃.

Alashan white cashmere goats live in this unique geographical and climatic conditions, and their hair can adapt to dry climates and cold winters.

The cashmere of white cashmere goats is more delicate and tough than the general breed.

The fluff is fine and soft (13-15 μ m), which is comfortable to the touch and has excellent heat preservation performance.

cashmere yarns

Today, four groups of cashmere yarns will be recommended.


2/26NM 100%superior cashmere.
Select ultra-fine white cashmere with an average fineness of 15.3-15.8 μ m to create a high-grade, delicate, soft and smooth touch, the choice for skin warmth.


2/26NM 100% cashmere.
The use of an average fineness of 15.8-16.5 μ m of high-quality cashmere, cashmere feeling rich, light and fluffy.
132 spot colors, giving multiple design options.


2/26NM 100%ECO cashmere.
Retain the primary color of cashmere, environmental protection without dyeing, showing the beauty of health and nature.


2/26NM 78%cashmere 22%PET.
Excellent stretch resilience, lightweight, warm, wear-resistant, suitable for leisure and light sports fashion.

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