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It’s time for printed sweaters!

printed sweaters
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    Knitwear sweaters products are becoming much more popular among people of all ages groups. It’s not only because they are warm and could pair with pants/skirts/dress, but also could be worn as a coat when it is a little cold.

    As a growing number of people are fond of knitwear sweaters, so that the color and patterns become more colorful. So today we will choose the printed sweaters to share more info with you.  

    Different colors and different patterns of printed sweaters can be matched with different styles. It will give people a sense of youthful vitality but also can match the feeling of a romantic. In fact, there are many kinds of printing ways, such as reactive printing, rub printing, discharge printing, digital printing, inkjet printing, and so on.

1.Reactive Printing

    Reactive printing is widely used in cotton sweaters. Because of its soft touch, better colorfastness, and relatively competitive price.  

    That is why we always use reactive prints for regular sweaters.

2.Rub Printing

    Rub printing feels relatively hard, used on some clothes for logo or T-shirt on a part of the flower type, not suitable for a large part printing.

    Because of the characteristics of knitwear quality, we won’t suggest rub printing on knitwear.

3.Discharge Printing

    The so-called discharge printing is a technological method of removing one of the colors from our sweaters and then printing them. 

     This kind of printing usually requires dyes, that is, we have to indicate in advance that our clothes are to be printed in the later stage of the yarn raw materials. 

    Otherwise, it will easily appear that the color can not be pulled out, and the printing will be a problem.

4.Digital Printing

    The color of digital printing is colorful. Can be work with complex patterns, bright colors. What’s more, it has no modeling fee. 

    Therefor no order quantity is also an advantage of digital printing. But this is also the reason why digital printing is more expensive. 

    So if the material is like cashmere, and the quantity is small. Meanwhile customer want the better printing effect, we will suggest to choose digital printing.

5.Inkjet Printing

    Inkjet printing is directly on the clothes, for example, we want to do a space color, then jet printing is a perfect choice.  And the color effect can be comparable to digital printing, of course, the price is relatively high.  

    BLING-K has rich experience in printed sweaters and customers benefit from our printed products.

    The most regular printed sweaters are 100%cotton sweaters, such as pullover and cardigan. And some high-end customers will choose mohair blend and cashmere printed products.

If you are interested in printed sweaters, don’t hesitate to contact us


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