Price Difference of 100% Wool Sweaters

         When we quote 100% wool sweaters to new customers, we often hear them say: your price is too high.We fully understand the customer’s reaction and will explain it with a smile.

        Take a 100% jersery crew neck long-sleeved wool sweater as an example.   

Different fineness of wool fiber

       Wool sweaters are made of wool yarns. Wool yarns can be classified according to the fineness of wool fiber.

* 100%lambswool (woolen yarn).
* 100%wool.
* 100%merinowool.
* 100%superfine merino wool.
* 100%ultra-fine merinowool.

Different spinning process

       Wool sweaters can be seen as soft and smooth. 

* 100%supersoft wool (woolen yarn).
* 100%easycare merinowool (worsted yarn).

        Normally, woolen yarn used in 5gg 7gg wool sweaters, worsted yarn used in 12gg 14gg wool sweaters.

Yarn supplier

       To see if the yarn comes from brand yarn suppliers, the more well-known yarn suppliers are Xin’ao, sudwoolgroup,UPW and so on.
        Compared with the quality of brand yarn, it will be more secure, such a  

1 related certification certificates: oeko-tex,RWS,GRS, GOTS (with different requirements for certificates, the price varies greatly).

2 richer yarn colors to choose from.

3 special customized services.

 Sweater supplier / factory

       A responsible wool sweater supplier / factory can protect your products.
1 has the relevant certificate: BSCI.

2 the number of times of full inspection.

3 the process of the product and the treatment of the details.

4 whether the customer service content provided makes you feel happy and valuable for cooperation.

Workmanship of wool sweaters

       The workmanship of wool sweaters also determines the price of sweaters.
1 stitch type: usually the thick needle is thicker and heavier than the fine needle, and the price will be relatively higher if the raw material of the same material is used. The price of complex patterns will also be higher than that of plain patterns.

2 the needle finishing, it is also a plain round collar, whether the cuffs and necklines are made fully fashion. Fully fashioned design will make the whole dress more beautiful.

3. The addition of neck band

        The above 4 points are the main components of the quotation for a 100% wool sweater, which determines the price grade of this 100% wool sweater.
We have a lot of customers who rejected our price at the beginning, but when got our samples, feeling that our quote was really reasonable.
        So, I think, when you make an inquiry and get an offer that exceeds your expectation, don’t rush to say that your price is too high. You can tell us your requirements first. when you feel glad in communication, you can say: can I have a wool sweater sample for quality reference ? 

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