Organic Cotton Sweaters Supplier

    As an organic cotton sweaters supplier, organic cotton products account for an increasing proportion of our bulk orders. It shows that our customers are working hard for sustainability.

Increased demand for organic cotton products

    With the improvement of living standards, global consumers pay more attention to “health”, “eco-friendly”, “organic” and “green”.

    In recent years, organic cotton is no stranger to us. Compared with ordinary cotton, it is more skin-friendly and more environmentally friendly.

    In the clothing industry, sustainability is an inevitable trend. This requires the joint efforts of all of us.

    When we found this trend, we decisively applied for the certification of GOTS. Of course, it is gratifying that we passed the GOTS certification on 2021.12.28. The GOTS certification is a strong backing for our customers’ business. When we told our customers the news, they were very surprised but happy and recognized that we had made a very important contribution to our cooperation.

Organic cotton products

    It is now 2023SS sourcing, and we are also doing related development for our customers. Organic cotton is a very good choice.

    So today, as an organic cotton sweaters supplier, I’d like to talk about organic cotton knitwear products .

1.fresh yarn

    Organic cotton has no stock service, all of which need to be re-dyed. Dyeing requires min kilos,solid color: 5kilos per color, 5-7days dyeing time melange color: 10kilos per color, 15-2days dyeing time. Bulk production min kilos:100kilos per color.

    In the dyeing process, environmental protection dyes certified by oeko-tex100 are used. This is our most basic principle as a supplier of organic cotton sweaters.

    So customers who plan to open up organic cotton products need to calculate their demand in advance in order to get the most cost-effective price.

2.GOTS hangtag

    When you use more than 70% organic cotton, you can hang the GOTS tag. This is actually a very proud thing. Thank you for your contribution to the environmental protection cause of the earth cotton blend

    In addition to 100% organic cotton, there are many yarn materials for organic cotton blends. Organic cotton blending brings more choices for customers to buy.

① 60%organic cotton 40%viscose

② 70%organiccotton 30%recycled silk

③ 85%organic cotton 15%wool

④ 95%organic cotton 10%cashmere

⑤ 100%organic cotton  

4. organic cotton character

    Almost all the pattern processes can be completed when organic cotton is selected as the raw material of the product. And because of the characteristics of cotton: hygroscopic, breathable, skin-friendly, can be worn for a very long time, can be worn all the year round.


    Cotton products have the effects of warmth, moisture absorption, good air permeability, mild texture and good anti-pilling, so clothes from babies to the elderly are very suitable, with coarse cotton yarn in autumn and winter and fine cotton yarn in spring and summer. It is suitable all the year round, so it is very practical.

    As for the pattern of clothes, we will arrange the cloth process according to the guest’s design draft, and our machine is mainly based on stoll and Shima seiki. Thick needle (3, 5, 7), twisted flower, needle transfer stoll is better. Shima seiki is the first choice for fine flowers. The effect will be more refined.

    As a reliable manufacturer and supplier of knitted sweaters, we have an insight into the development of the market. We could provide customers with valuable information and take corresponding actions in a timely manner. If you are just making organic cotton products or preparing to do organic cotton products, please contact us to provide you with better service.

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