Organic Cotton Sweater

Organic cotton sweater is a better choice for us.

As we all know, fast fashion is not sustainable, and the pollution to the environment is irreversible.
Therefore, fashion industry has been trying to change this situation.
First of all, start with the raw materials.
Nowadays, there are more and more sustainable raw materials to choose from, such as organic cotton, recyclable raw materials, wool, cashmere, mohair and other natural animal fibers.
Today, let’s talk about organic cotton knitwear sweaters and clothing made of organic cotton.

1.What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is a kind of pure natural cotton without pollution. 

In agricultural production, organic fertilizer, biological control of diseases and insect pests, and natural farming management are given priority, and the use of chemicals is not allowed.

No pollution is also required in the production and spinning process. The fabric made of organic cotton has a bright luster, soft feel, excellent rebound, drape, and wear resistance.
It has unique antibacterial and anti-odor properties.
Relieve allergic symptoms and relieve skin discomfort caused by normal fabrics, such as a rash.
It is more conducive to the care of children’s skincare.
Used in summer, it makes people feel particularly cool.

2.What is an organic cotton knitted sweater?

2.1 Organic Cotton Sweaters

A sweater made of organic cotton is an organic cotton sweater. 

When the organic cotton content exceeds 70%, you can apply for GOTS certification.

Now many brands have launched organic cotton products, especially some children’s clothing brands, such as Toby Tiger in the UK, Hope&Henry is an American brand specializing in organic cotton children’s wear, men’s and women’s clothing.


2.2 Some brands

What kind of people are suitable for organic cotton products?

It is suitable for all people, especially those with sensitive skin and babies.

Organic cotton products are very friendly to them.

We have only one earth, and the living environment requires all of us to work hard to protect.

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