Metallic Sweaters

When you are tired, look up at the starry sky.

Looking up at the starry sky, looking at the stars all over the sky.

They try their best to merge bits and pieces of light together.

Although not as brilliant as the sun, it is not as bright as the moon.

But their dreamy starlight is scattered to the world, illuminating people’s minds.

Turn the earth into fantasy and bring wonderful fantasies to people.

1. Rub the starlight into the yarn

The gorgeous photons peculiar to metallic are integrated into the soft and delicate fabric.

Like meteor across the night sky, causing ripples in the illusion of glow.

When you are in the party, it will be very eye-catching.

In daily life, it can also show luxury.

metallic yarn

2.Wear the Starlight on your body

There is no contradiction between luxury and comfort.

Ultrafine merinowool’s unique rich and soft, integration of soft metallic, close to skin.

The clothes made can be used as close-fitting clothing.

metallic sweater

Two sets of yarns are recommended:


80%ultrafine merinowool 20%lurex


85%ultrafine merinowool 15%lurex

3. Natural pendant, environmental protection.

The metallic with twinkling stars is blended with Lyocell and Naia Renew fibers to enhance the sag and luster of the fabric.

The clothes that fall naturally contain the figure and add a bit of randomness.

Two sets of yarns are recommended:



22% Lyocell 22% anti-pilling acrylic fiber 12% viscose 14% metallic.


53% ultrafine merino wool 35%Naia Renew 12% metallic

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