Merinowool and Merinowool Sweaters

        Most of our customers are European customers, and we make a lot of merinowool sweaters every year.

        Merinowool sweaters are more expensive than ordinary wool, but our customers prefer merinowool sweaters.

        Merinowool is a natural animal protein fiber. Merinowool sweaters can be decomposed naturally and are environmentally friendly. Which is very consistent with the sustainability requirements of European governments and European markets.


        Merinowool, which comes from Merino sheep, is the finest wool breed except cashmere.

1. thickness of hair

        The thickness of hair can be divided into different branches. Branches of 70 or more are ultrafine hair, with a fiber diameter of fewer than 19.5 microns.

2. original

        Australia produces the best wool in Merino. About 40% of the world’s Merino wool comes from Australia, followed by New Zealand and South. Merino wool is not easy to shrink, not easy pilling, do not tie the skin, good warmth, feel soft and elastic.

3. handfeel

        Merino’s ultra-fine wool is soft, flowing and light, suitable for making close-fitting clothing such as scarves, cashmere sweaters, underwear, etc. . While ordinary wool is more rigid, to some extent this is also an advantage, make wool more friction-resistant, visible, suitable for coats, but also more windproof.

4. care

        In addition, Merino wool is second only to cashmere in price and feel, is the top of all wool products. Most of Merino’s wool products are specially shrink-resistant and can be machine-washed without affecting the natural properties and advantages of wool. Proper care can maintain the good appearance of the clothes, ordinary wool may not have so many complex processes, relatively easy to deformation, pilling and so on.

how to distinguish merino and normal wool

        In an e-mail exchange, my guest repeatedly confirmed to me that this collection of wool sweaters is Merino wool. It also made me realize how to tell the difference between Merino wool and regular wool?

        Merinowool and ordinary wool are both animal fibers and have many similarities.

        After consulting, fineness is an important standard to determine the quality and grade of wool. Merino wool, also known as ultra-fine Merino wool, is extremely fine-grained, with a diameter of less than 19.5 microns. The higher-quality Merino wool, with a diameter of less than 11.7 microns, is the thinner of the wool varieties. Merino wool is about 10th as fine as a human hair, whereas ordinary wool is much thicker and may be thicker with hair. So for ordinary combustion, chemical dissolution and other methods are generally not easy to distinguish, only the relevant personnel with the help of a microscope can be identified.

        Generally speaking, in factories that specialize in wool sweaters, the quality of merinowool sweaters will be much better.

        If the knitting factory usually do cotton, acrylic more , may not be able to do a good job in the quality of merinowool sweaters.

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