Knitwear Sweaters Order Process: Quality Control

We have very strict quality control.

The new customers we worked with recently recognized our knitwear product quality and top service very much and spoke highly of pullovers and cardigans.

Through the whole knitwear order process, many different departments and different operation processes will be involved.

A perfect order completion requires the cooperation of all departments. Every link is very important.

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We are very confident about the quality of our knitwear products.

Today I’d like to talk about our strict quality control.

quality control mind map

1. Yarn supplier

In the first step of sweaters production, we need to order raw materials. And the quality of raw materials affects the quality of the products directly. So the quality control from the beginning.

The yarn suppliers we cooperate with are in line with the relevant industry certification, such as BSCI / WRAP. Related yarns are also certified, such as RWS/RMS/GRS/GOTS/oeko-tex100.

2. Sweater factory

Before making the proto sample, our master will first carry out the test piece and water washing. Through the shrinkage of the weaving piece to make the process. So as to achieve the size required by the guests, and the shrinkage of the clothes after washing is less than 5%.

①when knitted down

During the production of SMS/ bulk, when knitted down, we will do a comprehensive quality inspection of the knitted piece. To see if there are any missing needles, holes, or dirty ones.

②clean the thread

After the completion of the knitting sleeve, the process of hook sewing will be done. And it will also be the second comprehensive quality inspection. To clean up the excess thread and check whether the sleeve has any details such as needle leakage, distortion, firmness, etc. If it does not meet the standard, we will redo it.

③after washing

After washing, the third comprehensive quality inspection will be carried out. This time, the quality inspection is mainly completed through registration. To see if there are any defects in the big body, whether there are problems with coarse and fine hair, and to see whether the sleeve line is smooth.

④ironing and packing

After the above three comprehensive quality inspection work, basically, ensure the quality of the knitwear sweaters. Then arrange the whole ironing packaging. But when we are ironing and packaging, we will also ask the workers to check that there are no missing threads and flying hair in each piece of clothing. To make sure that the sweater is perfect in the hands of the customer.

3. Check the goods

When the bulk goods are completed, the goods will be inspected according to the customer’s request for third-party quality inspection or the company’s QC random. With a strict inspection report will be issued to ensure that the products are superior products in the hands of customers.

4. Other tests

In the order process, we will ensure that the material must be environmentally friendly, can pass the OEKO-TEX 100 & REACH standard. And also according to customer requirements to do product-related testing.

So after the above series of quality inspection, you can know how strict we are on quality control!

Therefore, it is inevitable for customers to give a high degree of affirmation to our products. And we will never send products that didn’t meet our requirements.

We have some real cases, we feel that the product does not meet our requirements, but the customer received and said the quality is very good.

And we will always insist on our strict quality control.

Any inquiries about knitwear sweaters whether pullovers or cardigans please contact:

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