Knitwear Sweaters Effect with Different Gauges

Knitwear Sweaters Effect with Different Gauges

Knitwear is a category full of charm. Almost all styles can be realized by knitting process.A unique knitted sweater effect is determined by yarn, gauge, pattern and design.
Different yarns have different spin processes, so knitwear made from different yarns have different effect. Of course, the pattern and design as well.
Today, I would like to talk about the influence of different gauges on the effect of sweaters in the same yarn and design.

different gauges with same pattern design

Usually the larger the needle shape (3gg > 7gg > 12gg), the rougher and thicker the sweater effect. It is obvious that the same pattern design will lead to different final effects due to different gauges.  Therefore, if different gauges are used on different yarns, the sweater effect will vary a lot.

half cardigan - different gauge effect comparison
12gg half cardigan pullover
7gg half cardigan pullover
3gg half cardigan pullover

how to know gauge

count the number of rows per inch to establish a gauge, you can roughly know the gauge.
But in the actual case, shrinkage rate and workmanship also count. if in the range, (4.5-5.5) you could say, that’s the 5 gauge. If out the range 16, maybe you count 18, you could say, that’s 16gg.

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