Knitting Sweaters Made by Different Knitting Machines

As we all know, knitwear also has categories, one is knitting sweater, the other is T-shirt.

The sweater is made with a flat knitting machine, followed by a linking process.

The T-shirt is made through the circular knitting machine, followed by cutting and sewing.

Flat knitting machine and circular machine are the main equipment for knitting sweaters. Both knitting patterns are knitted by selecting guages in a certain way. But flat knitting machines and circular machines have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the two kinds of knitting machines:

Flat knitting machine

flat knitting machine


whoever takes the form of reciprocating movement in the process of fabric knitting belongs to the flat knitting machine.


 stoll / shima / cixing etc.




24 ‘’26”


 1.5gg / 3gg / 5gg / 7gg / 9gg / 12gg / 14gg / 16gg.


Because the flat knitting machine has different lengths and densities, the width of the knitted fabric can be changed by adding or decreasing needles or the number of stitches. That is to say, wide pieces of clothing can also be knitted.


The running speed of the flat knitting machine is relatively low, so the output is relatively low.

Circular knitting machine

circular knitting machine


In the process of knitting fabric, it belongs to a circular knitting machine if it takes the form of circular motion.


 Flying Tiger / Mayer&Cie / Orizio etc



Cylinder diameter:

 30’’ ’34’’


 16gg / 18gg / 20gg / 24gg / 28gg.


 The running speed of circular machine is very high, and the output is also very high.


A certain cylinder warp, a fixed gauge of the machine, based on fixed density, can only weave a certain diameter of cylindrical fabric. You can’t add or subtract stitches when knitting woolen sweaters. You need to do cutting and sewing.

Today, I want to share a set of yarns: 80%wool 20%polyester

It can not only make knitting sweaters through flat knitting machines, but also can make fabrics through circular machines. Then you can make T-shirts through cutting and sewing.

knitting pullover for sports
stock color

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