The Difference Between Intarsia and Sesame Spot Jacquard

        In the previous article, we talked about the classification and difference of jacquard.
        Today, let’s talk about the difference between Intarsia and sesame spot jacquard

1. regarding the layers

       The sesame spot jacquard is double-layer, with a bottom layer and a surface layer. The surface is raised, so it is called a jacquard. The intarsia is single-layer, and the horizontal arrangement is a single-layer structure.

Sesame spot jacquard- front side
Sesame spot jacquard- back side

2. regarding the thickness

        The intarsia is thin and the sesame spot jacquard is thick according to the layers.

3. regarding the colors

        In terms of color, for example, to weave a red, yellow and black jacquard. In the same knitting line, three threads should be knitted at the same time. But according to the demand, any color should be raised to the surface to form a pattern. 

        While the intarsia is also red, yellow and black, when the flower pattern has a demand for one color, the other two colors do not participate in weaving. In the same line, only a handful of sand spouts drive a color weave. 

        When changing colors, another sand mouth drives another color to weave. Therefore, in the sesame spot jacquard structure, if several colors appear in the same row at the same time, several threads should be knitted at the same time. The intarsia is not needed.

4. regarding the appearance

        The intarsia is much more beautiful than the sesame spot jacquard.

5. regarding the knitting time

        Changing colors on the same line requires changing gauze nozzles, so intarsia will take longer time.

6. regarding the cost

       Sesame spot jacquard is relatively cheap, intarsia will be more expensive.

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