How to Reduce the Cost in Knitwear Sweater Orders?

Every customer wants to maximize profits in every sale, so it is particularly important to reduce costs and control the budget in knitwear sweater orders.

There are many costs, such as procurement costs, including sweater product costs, transportation costs, packaging costs, etc.

As a professional knitting sweaters supplier, based on the target price, we could provide customers with cost-reduction solutions in the following ways:

1. Use replaceable yarn

Take 100% cotton knitted pullovers, for example, customers want to comply with the environmental policies of the target market and use 100% organic cotton. Of course, 100% organic cotton will be relatively expensive. Then could choose 100%BCI cotton.

If customers want to try a new market like cashmere sweaters, 100%cashmere of course is a very excellent choice but expensive. Then we would advise cashmere wool blend like 30%cashmere 70%wool, 10%cashmere 90%wool or other proportion blend.

2. Change the gauge or the yarn count

Previously, one of our customers made a 12gg and 2ends printed sweater. The customer’s feedback was a little thick due to it being a SS style. Then we adjusted to 12gg and 1 ply, and the feedback was not delicate enough. Finally, we adjusted to 14gg and one ply. While achieving the effect, it also reduces the initial cost.

3. Change the craftsmanship

In the case of not many colors and relatively simple patterns, the sweater weight of sesame point jacquard will be heavier, and if it is a more expensive yarn, the cost will be higher.

In this case, it may be suggested to use the workmanship of intarsia or dotted jacquard to reduce the cost by reducing the gram weight.

4. Increase the quantity

An additional situation is to increase the quantity. For example, sometimes when you do 50 pieces and 100 pieces, the average cost may be the same. Because whether you do 1 piece or 1000 pieces, all the processes are the same. The same of yarns, sample yarns and bulk yarns are required for kilograms, and the price is also different. So if the quantity is small, all the costs will increase. This is why the general charge for SMS is doubled

Due to the above real experiences, we also cooperate better in every communication and cooperation with customers.

In order to avoid ineffective communication and waste of time, we recommend that customers tell us the general selection of yarn materials and the target price before new season knitwear collections. Then let’s do a rough sourcing first. After getting the specific style or tech pack, we give a rough quotation for customers’ reference to see if it matches the target price. If there is a match, then we will begin to proceed proto sample. If there is no match, then let’s adjust it according to the above four methods.

In addition, we will also give a rage prices for your reference. Such as the price difference of 100/300/500pcs to advise the best plan.

If only to ask supplier to reduce the price without adjust your own requirements, objectively speaking, this is not recommended.

As we all know, the best cooperation way is win-win. So I know you know the truth: you get what you pay for.


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