How to find the right sweater manufacturer for a startup

    For startups, how to find suitable sweater manufacturers and suppliers?

How do sweater suppliers judge sweater design?

Garment dreams

    In every era, there will be a large number of people full of garment dreams. Perhaps from childhood, they began to imagine that they would grow up to have a clothing store of their own. Or maybe a large chain brand with stores all over the world.
As a matter of fact, the times are changing and science and technology are updating. So there will be new opportunities in every period. The times of the Internet have provided a boost for these clothing dreamers.

How to start the first step?

You can start your dream as long as you want.
So for startups, how to find suitable sweater manufacturers and suppliers?
Here we take the starters of the European market as an example.
First of all, let’s classify:

1. The quantity of orders is less than 100

    If the sweater quantity is relatively small, within 100 pieces, I would suggest looking for sweater wholesalers not the sweater factory to get the goods. You can go to the professional wholesale market or wholesale websites.

    There is a disadvantage of looking for a wholesaler. Maybe you can change your brand label but the style of the clothes is fixed. Another way is to find some handicrafts-men and pay them to change some small designs.

    Of course, you can also find some small-batch manufacturers, but both cases will make your cost higher.

2. The quantity of orders is more than 100

    If you want to start your own brand and have a long-term strategic plan, you can try to find some clothing factories. Because it will greatly reduce your costs, and the point is that you can turn your ideas come true.

    For example, now that you have your own design, you need to find a sweater manufacturer for mass production.

looking for domestic sweater factory has happy communication

Domestic Sweater Manufacturers


①It will be relatively faster in terms of time.
②Be more familiar with the body size of native people.
③Communicate more effectively.


①High labor cost.
②The supply chain of the clothing manufacturing industry is relatively underdeveloped.

there are many containers on the ship:ship sweaters

Overseas Sweater Manufacturers


①Relatively low labor costs.
②The manufacturing industry is developed, the supply chain is perfect, and the market responds quickly.


①The time will be relatively slow, and it is necessary to plan the product plan in advance.
②Communication will lead to some cultural differences in understanding. But now, due to the development of the Internet, this part has been improved.

How to choose?

    First of all, you need to locate your target customer group and make the Personas

    For example, the middle and low-end groups are more sensitive to the price, while the middle and high-end customers will pay more attention to the product quality.
    Next, we take the middle and high-end customers as the target customer group, purchasing 200 sweaters as an example.
    The factors you need to consider: price, quality, delivery, and service.
User profile of middle and high-end customers. Pay attention to product quality, detail quality, comfort, good brand loyalty.
    Therefore, when comparing suppliers, my suggestion is quality > delivery = price = service.

    You may have found 3-5 factories at the same time to compare and need to determine which one is more suitable for you.

four important factors to find suitable sweater manufacturer: quality,delivery,price,service

Four aspects: quality, delivery, price, and service.


    We can ask them to make a sample for comparison. Then we can make a list to judge from the communication feelings, sample time, and sample quality.
Because the production of sweaters involves materials, craftsmanship, stitches, machines

  • Check the data of the sample corresponds to that of the design.
    Look at the seam of the sample, whether it is flat and whether it is neatly handled.
    Is the upper body effect of the whole sweater ideal?


    From the receipt of the design to the production of the sample, how long it takes, we can see that whether there is plenty of experience in the factory.
Combined with the sample quality and the sample time, we can roughly deduce the conclusion of whether the factory is reliable or not.


    The composition of the price is not depending on a single element: material, craftsmanship, labor, so we also need analysis and comparison to know whether the factory’s quotation is reasonable.
When other factors are the same:

The better the material, the higher the price.
The more complex the process, the higher the price.
The more developed the economy is, the higher the labor cost is.

    It is worth noting that the purpose of the production order is to make a profit, and no factory is willing to cooperate with a new brand at a loss. Achieving good long-term cooperation must be a win-win way of collaboration.


    Effective communication is the key to saving time.
To see whether the product manager is professional and can understand the problems you have expressed. Every small detail will help you take into account, including the delivery of the goods after shipment, the delivery of the original bill of lading. And the perfect service, including pre-sale and after-sale services.
To see whether the merchandiser is professional or not, and follow up and feedback the order process in a timely manner.
Look at the executive ability of the factory, whether the problems are actively communicated and solved.
So from the aspects to consider, combined with your own actual situation to choose the most suitable factory.
Of course, I also wish you can realize your big dream of clothing as soon as possible.
If you have any questions, you are welcome to communicate with us. I am more than happy to help you.

welcome discuss about finding sweater manufacturer with us
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