How To Find Knitwear Manufacturers in China?How do you think about quotation?

    How do you find knitwear manufacturers?
    Nowadays, technology is advanced.

    In China, you no longer need to carry cash or credit cards when you go out. You only need to carry your mobile phone to make payments and buy products or services.
    Under these circumstances,there are more ways to find knitwear suppliers.

1. Off-Line

    There are many fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad, some of them are comprehensive and some of them are professional. You can find a suitable knitwear manufacturer by going to the fairs to communicate with them. 

    I think this method is more effective because, through face-to-face communication, you can have a good perception of them. Such as product quality, professionalism, whether the communication is smooth.

2. Online

2.1 Platform

   The two known platforms for finding Chinese knitwear suppliers are Alibaba and Made-in-China.

     You can search for knitwear suppliers at Alibaba International Station or Made-in-China. There are a large number of suppliers, the quality is also different. It’s time-consuming to select a suitable supplier because the entry threshold is relatively low, so there is a gap in professionalism. 

    Therefore, many buyers will go to 1688 to see the product style, but will not place an order. Because they are not sure about the quality and delivery. In particular, such knitwear customization, need proofing to adjust the size data, adjust the version. If he is not a professional and reliable supplier, it will affect the delivery of orders and lead to losses.

2.2 Independent Websites

    Now many manufacturers and companies build their own official websites. Compared with the platform, the official website is more operable, you can design your own pages, optimize the user experience, and publish some blogs and news.

3.Current Situation

    At present, the competition among Chinese knitwear suppliers is very fierce. Take the clothing industry, many factories in order to survive, take some no profit or even loss-making orders because of covid-19. The quotation is getting lower and lower, which is actually very dangerous. This will affect the whole industry. 

    In the long run, if factories want to survive, they must have profit margins. But cutting profits in order to rob customers is not sustainable and will create the illusion that you must have a lower quotation. 

    With the lower profit, in order to survive, it is possible for the factory to reduce the cost of the raw material or product production process. This is also a very dangerous thing for customers, because it may affect the reputation and image of the brand.

    Therefore, the best way to collaborate is a win-win. Win-Win cooperation can maintain a long-term relationship. The ecology of the whole industry will be good and sustainable.
At the same time, suppliers must constantly improve their professional skills and knowledge to help customers grow and progress together.

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