How to Deal with the Effect of the COVID-19 Bad Situation in Shanghai on Foreign Trade Industry

    Covid-19 is now in its third year in our world. 

    China, as a pioneer in fighting the epidemic, will  have a certain impact on our foreign trade orders indeed. Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 in Shanghai in 2022. Shanghai is lockdown under government policy, many international parcels could not be delivered in time. Many factories were temporarily closed due to issues related to life safety. 

    As we Chinese , we deeply understand the country’s practice. But as a supplier of customer brands, we are also anxious for customers. Timely feedback the current domestic situation to our clients is important.  Fortunately, our customers are very concerned about that and totally understand us. Of course we can’t just sit still. Some changes have to be made.

1.Express Courier

For sample, because Shanghai is lockdown, the express delivery cannot be sent out. That means the sample cannot be confirmed, the customer must anxious. 

What can I do?  we think we can deliver it in a curved line and go to Shenzhen or Beijing? 

It’s true that the timeliness is a little slower, but it’s better than not being able to send it out. 

2.Online Meeting

The sample was delayed due to the temporarily closed the raw material factory and express delivery is diffcult, but the sample it is urgent to customer. 

What can I do? Take a photo, confirm through the video conference to the customer, and then quickly provide the photo sample.

3.Release Port

For the same problem of bulk production shipping.

What can I do? We switched to Ningbo Port, in common always required by the original bill of lading at before, but now changed to telex after communication and discussion.

4.Quality Ensurence

Strive to improve product quality, try our best to ensure that samples are passed at one time, and save time and cost.

In addition, I would like to say that in the face of the epidemic, everyone is working together. After the storm, there is a rainbow coming. 

I believe that we make effort now is let tomorrow get better.

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