How to custom sweaters?What is OEM?What is ODM?

    How to custom sweater?   

    Today I would like to share with you our sweater customization process.

    But let’s know about OEM and ODM first.

What is OEM?

process clearify what is OEM

    OEM (original equipment manufacturer)

    In a word, everything is your own, the design is yours, the brand is yours, the sales are also your own responsibility, I am only responsible for production.

What is ODM?

process clarify what is odm

    ODM (Original Design Manufacturer),

    In a word, products are mine, you buy my products and sell them with your own brand.

Process of custom sweater

Let me share the customization process of OEM sweater orders from our customers.

1.Sourcing & Proto Sample

    First of all, when start the custom sweater order, we will receive the design from customers, we will confirm the version and pattern. Then start sourcing and make a proto sample, it is also called a fitting sample. 
    Then we will receive feedback on whether need to adjust the size according to the fitting sample.

2. SM Sample(Salesman Sample)

    Secondly, according to the proto sample’s feedback, we will confirm it to the customer with the correct yarn, correct color, and relevant accessories, and receive the second feedback of custom sweaters.

3.PP Sample(Pre-Production Sample)

    Before bulk production, we will arrange to do a pp sample for  confirmation. Until our customer confirm it with all the aspects, we will arrange for the bulk production.

4.Bulk Production

The customer will pay us a deposit, 30% of the payment. 

We arrange the yarn materials, accessories for bulk production.

Let me show you the process of producing a custom sweater

(1)Yarn materials

(2)Computer Knitting

     In this part, our master will do the size data and input the computer to production.

     In some Southeast Asian countries, hand machines are still used. If you use hand machines, the working hours will be relatively longer, but the price will be lower. There is another drawback of the hand machine, which is that complex patterns cannot be handled.

(3) Fabric inspection (the first full inspection)

    Check the piece to see if there are any missing needles in the cloth piece, and make sure that the left and right pieces are correct respectively.


    Cover the classified pieces of cloth according to the order of the parts, and the sweater will roughly take shape. The needle shape of the sleeve must be matched, and the workers must be professional. Only in this way can the customed sweaters be beautiful

(5)Clean the thread(the second full inspection)

    There will be some extra thread residue behind the sleeve, check if there are any leaking needles or holes.They need to be dealt with well, otherwise the washing process will be easy to pull out.


    Wash the processed ready-made clothes, and we also have to make a hook seam, so that the customed sweaters will remain unchanged in the washing process, especially some ultra-soft, elastic materials (often at relatively high prices). The purpose of washing is to make the clothes soft.

(7)Sewing Labels & Accessory

    The customed sweaters after washing should be marked, sewing the labels and meet other requirements, such as buttons and zippers, are all completed in this link.


    Every detail should be in place according to the size table, and the ironing method can not be adjusted according to the material. For example, for some special materials such as mohair, alpaca hair and other hair-rich materials, our requirement is that we must not be pressed, must be to maintain the 1cm distance jet hot. 

(9)Light Inspection (the third full inspection)

    Put the clothes on the lamp bucket and check again if there are any leaking needles and thick thread.

(10)Packing(for the fourth inspection, here will be another quick inspection).

    Next, we will check the customed sweaters in good condition and pack them. When packing, we will do another quick check, such as whether there is any extra thread, flying hair and other details on the label. Make sure that the items given to the guests are perfect, and pack the packaged sweaters. Waiting for the container to load.

5.Shipping Sample

    During the mass production, we will send customer a shipping sample for your confirmation.


    After the final delivery, we will give you the relevant information and will track the status of your goods until you receive them.

7.After-sale Service

    After receiving the goods, we will also offer after-sales service for our customers, follow up their business, look forward to their success, and give them feedback and summary according to your sales situation.

ODM Process

     If you think our products are all ok, then directly use your brand for production and shipment. If  you want to add a few your own elements, follow the OEM process.

Finish reading, do you think BLING-K is very reliable?

From my point of view, stop thinking, come and contact us.

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