How to care your cashmere jumper?

In our winter collection, the cashmere jumper is a hot seller.
But most of our customers don’t know how to take care of it.
Today, We would like to show you some information about it.
1. How to wash it?
Prepare a pot of 30-35 degrees of warm water, pour into the sweater professional detergent,
Place the cashmere jumper in the water,
to the water level has not been cashmere sweater for the water depth standard, soak for 15 minutes.
Note, do not multi-colour immersion.
Then choose squeezing or gently pat for washing.
2. How to dry?
The elasticity and softness of the jumper mean that it cannot be hung on a hanger to dry as usual.
The correct way to hang the jumper is to dry it evenly.
Please note, do not hang it upside down as this will cause it to deform slightly.
3. How to iron?
Iron on medium heat, leaving 0.5-1cm space between the iron and the cashmere jumper.

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