How Do Sweater Suppliers Judge Your Sweater Design?

In the contact with so many customers, sweater suppliers found a very interesting phenomenon.

Frankly speaking, customers that are not very experienced in design will come to ask sweater suppliers sourcing some of the ready-to-wear styles.

And customers have no idea about gauges and pattern, for example, rib pattern, 1×1 rib, 3×3 rib, 6×2 rib, the effect made by 12gg and 7gg is of course very different.

different ribs

And relatively experienced designers or more professional designers usually ask sweater suppliers sourcing some new yarns or patterns.

For us, sweater suppliers with more than 20 years of professional sweater production experience. For a new season collection, when we get the teck pack, we will divide the design according to the size and craftsmanship.

Generally speaking, a sweater can be split from style / shoulder / sleeve / collar / body construction / pattern / others.

1. Style

For example, a sweater can be subdivided into a pullover / cardigan / dress / vest.

2. Shoulder

According to the size of shoulder and chest width, we can subdivide the shoulder into regular shoulder / drop shoulder / raglan sleeve.

3. Sleeve Type

Sleeves can be subdivided into regular sleeves / horn sleeves / lantern sleeves / puff sleeves / round shoulder sleeves.

4. Neck

Neck can be subdivided into round neck / V neck / boat neck / polo / turtle neck / mock neck, etc.

5. Guage

1.5GG / 3GG / 5GG / 9GG / 12GG / 14GG / 16GG.

6. Body Construction

The body construction is also the pattern. Some conventional patterns have jersey stitch / half cardigan stitch / moss stitch / rib and so on. In addition, whether the neck and armhole need to fully-fashioned and so on.

After the split of the style, the next step is to do the process combination.

See, it’s simple now, right?

In a word, do not to see the sweater suppliers to source you how many styles. To check if the supplier knows the important parts of design. Because if your sweater suppliers could source you with different character yarns and patterns to you, then I am sure your sweater suppliers are professional in the industry and can bring your ideas into reality!

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