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Recently, high-neck sweaters became popular in some European countries.

French President Jean-Claude Macron has sparked a heated debate in a video speech in which he wore a high-neck sweater and changed his old style of dressing in a suit with a shirt.

It is reported that Macron’s move is to set an example, calling on the French people to strengthen physical warmth, reduce energy use in winter, and jointly deal with the European energy crisis.

french president

Today let’s talk about high-neck sweaters.

In our language, high-neck sweater is also called turtle neck sweater and high collar sweater.

Of course, high-necked sweaters can also be divided into high-necked pullovers, high-necked cardigan, high-necked vest according to styles.

high neck pullover
high neck cardigan
high neck vest

High-necked pullover/jumper

If the high-necked pullover is generally used as a basic inner match , we will choose solid color, thin style, jersey knitting, 7gg or 12gg. In this way, it can be paired with blazer, jackets, down jackets, etc., so that they will not be bloated, and solid colors are relatively easy to match.

And high-neck sweaters as coats, we will generally choose 7gg, 5gg, 3gg , this gauge type choice will make the sweater look more chunky, the version will be more relaxed, there will be a more cozy feeling. In the pattern design, generally choose jacquard, pearl rib, cable these elements. the pattern will make the sweater look more fashionable and not monotonous.

high neck jacquard pullover
high neck unique pullover

High-neck cardigan

Generally speaking, if you wear cardigan as outwear. You can choose buttons or zippers.

high neck button cardigan man

High-neck vest/tank

The utilization rate of high-neck vests is also very high in winter. Because it is a very good match, whether you wear it as inner wear or outwear, it will be excellent if you match it well.

high neck tank

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