Fullyfashion Workmanship in Knitwear Sweaters

Fullyfashion, I believe that no matter you are a sweater factory, sweater supplier or sweater designer, you are familiar with it.

Fullyfashion is a kind of moving needle, which can realize the connection between many sizes.

In English, all needle movements can be called fully fashion.

But in Chinese, different needle movements have different names.

移针 – 明收花

1. Fullyfashion in sleeve-armhole

Usually appears at the armhole depth. Different patterns with fullyfashion have different effects. They are usually used on regular shoulders. Because the shoulder-shaped seam is not straight, the entire seam may not be smooth. Therefore, using fullyfashion will make the armhole depth seam smooth and improve the quality of the entire garment. But, not all styles require fullyfashion on the armhole depth. For example, dropped shoulder sleeves are a relatively loose and chunky design. And the armhole depth seam is vertical, which is actually easier to operate.

regular puff sleeve-armhole fullyfashion - jersey knitting
dropped sleeve-armhole fullyfashion - pearl rib knitting
reglan sleeve-armhole fullyfashion - jersey knitting 1

2.Fullyfashion in sleeve seam

sleeve fullyfashion-rib and jersey

3. Fullyfashion in body part

body fullyfashion - pearl rib knitting

4.Fullyfashion in neckline

neckline fullyfashion - pearl rib knitting
neckline fullyfashion - rib knitting

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