The Difference Between Fancy Cashmere Yarn and Conventional Cashmere Yarn

Fancy Cashmere

    In recent years much more cashmere fancy yarns are appearing on the market.

    In the past, the spinning style of cashmere was relatively simple. Such as woolen cashmere and worsted cashmere.
    However, with the progress of the times, consumers have higher and higher requirements for quality and fashion. So as producers, we are also constantly improving and innovating.

    Cashmere, skin-friendly, soft, waxy, smooth. Cashmere sweater, its surface reveals a layer of fine velvet, feel soft, delicate, slippery, and plump with hands. Cashmere sweater if worn close to the body, you won’t have the feeling of itching.  a “soft, light, slippery, waxy, warm, cool” comfort, so it is deeply loved by customers.

Today, let’s talk about the difference between conventional cashmere yarn and fancy cashmere yarn.

1. Appearance

    The appearance is different. Most of the conventional cashmere yarns are strand yarns with uniform evenness. Fancy cashmere yarns include pot-bellied slub yarn, brushed yarn, color dot yarn, wool-spraying yarn, and so on.

2. Hand Feel

It feels different. Conventional woolen cashmere yarn feels soft and waxy, worsted cashmere is more silky and delicate.While fancy cashmere feels softer and more fluffy.

3. Pattern Plasticity

Fancy yarn, as the name implies, is colorful, because the number and appearance of fancy yarn are changeable and more three-dimensional. So fancy yarn can be interpreted more perfectly for some women’s sweaters or fashion styles.

4. Price

The price is different. Compared to conventional cashmere, fancy yarn spinning process is similar but will be brushing, and so on to the process. The loss will be greater, so the cost is relatively higher.

    However, whether it is fancy cashmere yarn or conventional cashmere yarn, there are still requirements for the knitting factory. Not only the quality, but the version should also be well controlled. The yarn is expensive , so the loss of the yarn must also be controlled.


    Let’s see some fancy cashmere yarns below:

(1) cashmere slub yarn

(2) cashmere brush yarn

(3) cashmere fancy AB yarn

(4) cashmere spray yarn

Yes you can find to get more info.


fancy cashmere slub yarn
cashmere fancy AB yarn
cashmere spray yarn
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