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Have your customers placed orders for Fair Isle Sweaters this year?

To be honest, orders for fair isle sweaters come in every year , but this year is especially strong.

Fairisle jumper knit down

Fair Isle Sweater, originated in the north of Fair Isle (Fair Isle) , where the production of Jacquard sweaters also with the name of the Fair Isle Sweater. 

In the early days, when the island was cold and humid, women used wool to weave jacquard-patterned sweaters to protect their families from the cold. Influenced by local customs, the designs of Fair Isle’s sweaters are very regular, most of which are arranged in horizontal strips. 

Classic patterns are snowflakes, flowers, crosses, elk, heart to heart, pine and so on. The iconic patterns of snowflakes, ears of wheat, elk and geometry, with their precise construction and delicate texture, Make Fair Isle sweaters seem understated and subtle, slim and delicate.  To keep warm, Fair Isle sweaters are woven in a complex dotted-line jacquard weave that is twice as thick as regular fabric and is important to the residents of a cold island.

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At first, the Fair Isle Sweater was nobody knows, just a way to protect the people of the island from the cold, but the Duke of Winsor discovered it. In 1921, the Prince of Wales Edward VIII wearing a Fair Isle sweater and carrying a beagle at a public event. Then bring Fair Isle’s Jacquard sweaters into a classic style, a Nordic style popular around the world for nearly a century

  1. The pattern of Jacquard

Full body of patterns and more color can be used to do float jacquard

Full body of patterns but less color can be used sesame point jacquard to do

In addition, ladderback jacquard can also be used to do small part jacquard

Dotted jacquard -back side
Sesame spot jacquard- back side
  1. Design

Regular shoulder style

Raglan shoulder style

Dropped shoulder style

Seamless design

seamless fair isle jumper
seamless fair isle jumper

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