Do You Have A Sweater Supplier Who Has A Superior Supply Chain?

Do you have a sweater supplier who has a superior supply chain?

Yes, we are the professional sweater supplier with a superior supply chain.

sweaters ready-to-wear

The completion of each sweater order is inseparable from the staff of various positions. There are a lot of departments and processes involved.

1.From a macro point of view

① Yarn factory

② Dyeing factory

③ Knitting factory

④ Accessory factory

⑤ Carton factory

⑥ Freight forwarder and transport

2.From a micro point of view

Let’s take the knitting factory as an example.

(1)Business Departmen

Sourcing yarns, patterns and styles for the design inspiration of customer’s new season collection. Then after receiving the customers tech packs, complete the translation and detailed requirements. And arrange it for the technical department to do the process.

(2)Technical department

After studying tech pack, split each part of the sweater to understand the customer’s needs. After receiving the yarn of the corresponding quality, a test piece is carried out to test the shrinkage of the yarn. The process is done after the test is completed, and then go with knitting program.

(3)Production Department

[1] after getting the process production order of the technical department, knitting each part of the sweater.

[2] after getting the cloth piece that has been inspected for the first time, it is necessary to make a sleeve and hook the sewing head.

[3] when the clothes are roughly finished, go with washing process.

[4] label sewing should be carried out after clothes are washed, and those with buttons should be nailed.

[5] the sweaters with main labels care labels go with ironing process

[6] finally, the finished sweaters should be packed

(4)Inspection Department

[1] during the production of SMS/ bulk , when knitted down, we will do a comprehensive quality inspection of the knitted piece. To see if there are any missing needles, holes, or dirty ones.-picture.

[2] after the completion of the knitting sleeve, the process of hook sewing will be done. It will also be the second comprehensive quality inspection to clean up the excess thread and check whether the sleeve has any details such as needle leakage, distortion, firmness, etc. If it does not meet the standard, we will redo it.

[3] After washing, the third comprehensive quality inspection will be carried out. This time, the quality inspection is mainly completed through the registration, to see if there are any defects in the big body, whether there are problems with coarse and fine hair, and to see whether the sleeve line is smooth.

[4] after the above three comprehensive quality inspection work, basically ensure the quality of the knitwear sweaters, and then arrange the whole ironing packaging. But when we are ironing the packaging, we will also ask the workers to check that there are no missing thread and flying hair in each piece of clothing. This is to make sure that the dress is perfect in the hands of the customer. 


knitting factory

So the entire process of sweaters need to go through so many processes, involving so many departments and personnel. The reaction of every link in the supply chain is very important. There is a difference of some time in each link, and the time of the whole order can be delay 1-2 weeks . Therefore, having a reliable supply chain can get twice the result with half the effort.

Over the years, we have established our own superior supply chain to ensure the high quality and efficient completion of orders.

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