Combined Order for Knitwear

         After three years of the epidemic, everyone has had a difficult time.

        During that time, the number of orders gradually decreased and became smaller. The cycle of placing orders is getting longer. But the step of fashion won’t stop, and your peers won’t stop doing business. If your opponent continues to appear in the public eye, and you don’t, it will be a dangerous thing.

        So in this case, we and our customers have proposed several ways to help each other.

        Among them, the combined order model is really a constructive measure.

        Combined order, as the name implies, is to combine the order to enjoy the price discount in the cost supply chain.

The advantage of yarn

① price advantage

        As we all know, the more the quantity, the more favorable the price.            Therefore, if different customers choose the same set of yarns at the same time, then we can combine their quantity to get the price corresponding to the order quantity with the yarn supplier.

② quality advantage

        We have a customer A who likes lenzing viscose very much, but their quantity is too small to meet the initial order quantity of dyeing, they often have to pay surcharge fee. As a result, the cost of clothes increases accordingly.         We have a big customer B who has chosen the same group of lenzing viscose as them this year, so I asked A whether he can accept the color chosen by customer B to develop his own style. if so, customer A can also enjoy lenzing viscose but no longer need to pay extra surcharge. At the same time, the yarn price has been reduced. On the other hand, the overall cost of the A customer’s product has been reduced, the profit of the product has also increased.

Manual advantage

① price advantage

       No matter the order is big or small, whether it is 100 or 1000 pieces, all the production processes are exactly the same. So the smaller the order, the greater the yarn loss, and the higher the average cost. The larger the order, the lower the average cost.

② time advantage

        When an order has big quantity, workers will have a process in which practice makes perfect, thus shortening the production time. On the other hand, the earlier the new product is on the market, the greater the probability of seizing the market. The longer the time to sell, and the better sales may be.

        Of course, it’s better to combine accessory orders, such as hats and gloves. Or combine the yarn composition. We won’t suggest combining sweater orders unless customers agree to combine.

       Does this article enlighten you?

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