Color Mixed Sweaters

    In knitted sweaters, we often see solid color striped multi-color knitting.
Today I’d like to talk about the color mixed sweaters.
Color mixed sweaters are more common in knitting sweaters, because its effect is very nice.

    There are several classification of color mixed sweaters
    Taking AB two-color mixed as an example, here we go:

① A+B mixed sweaters

    The AB 2 ends enter into a yarn mouth at the same time, in this way, the effect is uneven. Sometimes A is on top, sometimes B is on top, and sometimes AB is together. In this case, the clothes will have the effect of a fault. But I think it has a different kind of beauty.


② AB merges into one sweaters

    Usually, the color effect of AB strand yarn is very even because the AB yarn is stranded into a single yarn. 

    But sometimes we don’t want such an even effect, so we choose a compromise. Then AB blended the above to adjust and improve. Put A yarn through the bobbin of B yarn, one at the top and one at the bottom. In this way, the AB effect looks cleaner than the mixed weaving, and it is more playful.

AB merge into one sweater

③ AB cover sweaters

    The effect of the cover is often used in metallic styles, with the effect of bling bling on the surface. Without worrying about any discomfort to our skin. So usually choose metallic as the cover, inside choose to use comfortable rayon yarn, cotton yarn and so on.

AB cover sweater-metallic
AB cover 2- cotton

It’s the charm of knitwear. If you have any ideas of mix color sweaters, feel free to contact us:

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