Classification and Difference of Jacquard

We often see the design of jacquard in each new season’s knitwear collection.
But did you know that there are different kinds of jacquard?
Of course, different jacquard, different effects.

As a professional jacquard knitwear supplier, let me show you below.

Classification and difference of jacquard

1. Sesame spot jacquard

        The background is like a sesame dot, dotted out. It is suitable for all kinds of patterns, simple and complex. So usually we see a lot of jacquards is sesame spot jacquard. 

       But the sesame spot jacquard also has its own shortcomings, the problem of exposure. For example, dark jacquard, thick needle jacquard, will have this kind of risk.

Sesame spot jacquard- front side
Sesame spot jacquard- back side

2. One-sided jacquard / Intarsia

        One-sided jacquard is also called Intarsia. One-sided jacquard, that is, our one-sided clothes can also make the effect of jacquard, that means embed the pattern into the plane. This way could reduces the weight of clothes, controls the cost of yarn. Meanwhile keep the overall beauty of clothes. It is especially suitable for high-end yarn materials like cashmere. 

        However, the limitation of Intarsia is that a lot of gauze nozzles are needed, especially in the case of many colors and complex patterns. It may take more than 20-30 gauze nozzles to make a dress. Therefore, compared with conventional jacquard, the cost of Intarsia is still higher than common jacquard.

3. Double-sided jacquard /Air layer jacquard

        Air layer jacquard (double-sided / two colors jacquard), as the name implies, has two layers in the middle, with the same pattern on both sides, but the color effect is just the opposite.

       Most of the sweaters worn on both sides of the market use air layer jacquard. Because of the double-layers, the clothes are relatively thick.

two colors jacquard-back side

4. Dotted jacquard

        Dotted jacquard is that there is a floating line on the inside of the jacquard part, usually dotted jacquard is used in local jacquard. One part of the clothing wants to make a pattern, and the rest can be one-sided. Which can not only control the cost of clothes, but also highlight the beauty of clothes.

Dotted jacquard -front side
Dotted jacquard -back side

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