Cable Knit Sweater- Popular Trend of 2024

Are there many styles related to cable patterns in the recent development samples?

Big cables, small cables.

Cable knit pullover, cable knit cardigan, cable knit vest, cable knit skirt, cable knit scarf, cable knit hat.

cable knit sweater
cable knit sweater
cable knit sweater
cable knit sweater

The cable knit sweater is also known as the “Alan sweater”. It originated from the British fisherwomen in the 19th century who made knitting for fishermen in order to fight the cold, with thick knitting structure and various patterns of twisted flowers to enrich the sweater shape.

cable knit sweater inspiration

Cable: inspired by fishing ropes.

Honeycomb: symbolizes that fishermen are as industrious as bees.

Diamond: it means a lot of money.

Basket: inspired by fish baskets.

Zig zag: symbolizes the cliffs encountered in fishing.

cable knit sweater
cable knit sweater
cable knit sweater

Cable knit sweaters (Alan sweaters) come from the islands on the west coast of Ireland. Alan sweaters in the Alan Islands are made of undegreased wool and complex undulating lines with good heat preservation and water resistance.

It is thicker than a sweater and has more texture than an ordinary sweater.

In addition to machine-made cable sweaters, hand-made of big cable sweaters are also very distinctive.

Considering that hand-made will be more expensive, compared with the chunky and cosy style, we do not recommend long body length. In addition, the choice of yarn is generally wool blended to lower the sweaters’ cost

But with the update and iteration of the machine, at present, this big cable pattern can also be completed by the machines. Choose a 2 guage to complete.

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