Boucle Yarn Sweater

With the technology update, the yarn effect changes also. Meanwhile, the style of sweaters has a different look.

Today let’s take a look at boucle yarn sweaters(loop sweaters).

First of all, let’s interpret the yarn: loop yarn.

As the name implies, the looped yarn has a circle, and the guest will also be called a boucle yarn. (see pictures below).


boucle yarn
alpaca loop yarn

The boucle(loop) yarn sweater is very 3D, fluffy and soft. Wearing it in the cold season will also make people feel very warm.

As the loop yarn itself already has obvious characteristics, so a simple plain knitting is very suitable.

But you can still make the sweater better in style.

For example, hoodie and two super long ribbons, this style is very athletic,  fashionable, and young.

For example, a simple round-neck pullover with a rotator cuff design will look very lazy.

For example, the color can be mixed and matched by the design of the rotator cuff in the way of color collision.

boucle yarn pullover
boucle yarn hoodie

Both are plain knitting stitches, but with different designs, they will have different effects.

So that’s why design is the core, and design gives the soul to the sweater. Combined with the proofing technology of the factory, it will certainly make your sweater outstanding.

loop yarn color card
boucle yarn effect

The material of the above set of loop yarns is:

10%alpaca 22%wool 17%acrylic 7%nylon 44%polyester

Very popular with customers, feel soft, the price is also very competitive, provides color cards and stock yarns, shortens the proofing time and bulk time.

Although it looks fluffy, the upper body doesn’t look bloated at all.

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