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tech pack post

Tech Pack of Knitwear

Today, we are going to talk about the tech packs of knitwear. 1.What is a tech pack? A Tech Pack, also known as specification sheets, is

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metallic sweaters

Metallic Sweaters

When you are tired, look up at the starry sky. Looking up at the starry sky, looking at the stars all over the sky. They

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rare cashmere sweater

Rare Cashmere Sweaters

Goats live in extremely cold areas at high altitude. in order to withstand the cold winter, there is a layer of soft fluff under the

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100mel hair sweater

100% Camel Hair Sweater

You deserve a 100%camel hair sweater. Bactrian camel has a naturally legendary color。 In the extreme desert ecological environment, it is not only resistant to

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