Do You Know the Differences Between BCI and BCCU

Do you know the differences between BCI and BCCU?


Nowadays, almost all of our knitwear European customers are committed to environmental protection.

This can be seen in the choice of yarn materials:

From normal cotton to organic cotton or BCI cotton.

From merino wool to RWS merino wool.

From normal polyester / nylon to recycled polyester/nylon

Choose the corresponding sustainable yarn material can get the corresponding certificate.

From a small point of view, consumers can get more high-quality products.

From a larger point of view, the image of the brand is also positive.

Today we are going to talk about organic cotton – GOTS and BCI cotton BCCU.

Organic Cotton- GOTS

If you choose to use organic cotton to complete the knitwear sweaters, you can get the organic cotton certificate. If all the suppliers in the supply chain, including the brand, have the GOTS certificate. Then the brand can apply for GOTS tag.

BCI Cotton

BCI is short for Better Cotton Initiative. Choose to use BCI cotton to complete the knitwear sweaters, there is no BCI certificate, but get BCCU which means Better Cotton Claim Unit index.

The units of conventional cotton that can be substituted for equivalent units of Better Cotton-Due to Mass Balance.

1 BCCU represents 1 kilo of physical Better Cotton.

This requires the brand to apply for a BCI account and then convert it into BCCU to its own BCI account based on how many kilograms of organic cotton are used.

The higher the BCCU, the more BCI cotton is used, and the greater the contribution to the environment. To be clear, BCCU can be used to measure the environmental index of a brand’s contribution to the environment.

bccu meaning
bccu transfer way
bccu yarn kilo

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