I believe you are no stranger to 3D movies.
What about 3D sweaters?
We saw several 3D-designed knitwear in 2022spinexpo before.
At the same time, several of our clients have come to consult 3D sweaters.


Machine Requirements
Ordinary machines can’t do it. Japan’s shima seiki and seamless’s imported machines can do it.

Yarn Requirements
Not all yarns are suitable for making 3D sweaters. Because of the 3D effect, there will be certain requirements for yarns, and polyester blended yarns are usually more suitable.

Of course, you can also achieve 3D effect by external connection.

Some styles of 3D sweaters are on the market every year. With the development of science and technology, great breakthroughs have been made in technology and clothing presentation.
The new 3D effect is more three-dimensional and more realistic, and the upper body effect is also more fashionable.
However, due to the high price, the final choice of customers is still relatively small.

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