2024 Spring and Summer Pure Soft Tone

Color is the mirror of emotion, reflecting our hearts.

Last spring and summer, dopamine colors released endless energy and happiness.

Maillard colors in autumn and winter give the warmth and peace in the cold weather.

Spring and summer 2024.

Will see a large number of pure soft tones.

Bring a simple, elegant and advanced visual perception.

These Pure and soft tones convey a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Encourage us to look at the world with an open mind

Peach Fuzz

peach fuzz
peach fuzz

Peach Fuzz is the annual representative color of PANTONG in 2024

It is an attractive color between orange and pink.

It shows our desire to take care of ourselves and others.

This is a soft, gentle peach hue.

Enrich the body and mind with a very tolerant spirit.

Plus the fluffy meaning represented by Fuzz.

And add a delicate touch to this beauty.

Serene Blue

serene blue
serene blue

The blue is broad and deep.

Mysterious and beautiful.

It carries our yearning for tranquility.

Serene blue with a soft grayscale.

Show the charm of gender tolerance.


A soft blue tone.

Added a touch of freshness to it.

Closely related to the theme of nature and health.

In line with the trend of physical and mental health sweeping the current market.

Create a sense of soothing and peaceful.

Let people in the busy and noisy.

Find a moment of serenity and relaxation

Mousse Pink

musse pink
musse pink

Pink is no longer regarded as a female exclusive hue.

And the pink world is much more than sweet.

Mousse pink because of the proper visual perception.

And strong color practicability.

It can well show the personality and charm of the wearer.

Is bound to resonate.

Lilac Purple

lylia purple

It’s as if the early morning mist.

Blend with the fragrance of violets.

It has a hazy and soft sense of beauty.

As ethereal as a gauze.

And swirling like smoke.

The gentle tone can shape the whole.

Add a touch of tenderness.

Tarragon Green

tarragon green
tarragon green

The tranquil tarragon green with its vitality.

It’s essential this spring.

Give consideration to both retro style and modern style.

Quiet and orderly, light and powerful.

Evoke people’s illusions and yearning for nature.

Lemon Yellow

lemon yellow
lemon yellow

Bright and vibrant yellow hues bring hope.

Full of sunshine.

Have the inspiring power to convey positive emotions.

Touch the inner world with the power of soft color

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