100%RWS Merino Wool Sweaters

Australia, this vast land gives birth to the world-famous merino wool.

Merino sheep wander freely and enjoy the gifts of nature.

Their hair absorbs the essence of sunlight and rain and grows into soft, delicate and warm wool.

Because of its excellent fiber properties, it has a long history in the field of knitting.

The advantages of merino wool sweaters:

1. Unique touch, soft and fluffy

The merino wool fiber is long and thin, and the surface scale of the fiber is thinner.

The curl of the fiber is moderate and it feels softer and fluffy than other wool.

So the sweaters are made of 100%merino wool will be soft and fluffy.

2. HQ warmth, constant temperature and comfort

Merino wool has a special fiber structure, which can effectively block the invasion of external cold air and prevent the loss of internal hot air.

Its active fiber can produce dynamic response according to the change of body temperature, ensuring that the wearer can maintain constant temperature and comfort in any environment.

You can wear 100% merino wool sweaters in both hot summer or cold winter with different workmanship process to merino wool.

3. Moisture absorption,breathability, dry and non-greasy

Merino wool fibers can absorb and evaporate large amounts of water vapor. It can effectively reduce the sweat on the body.

So 100%merino wool sweaters can keep the skin dry and non-greasy, bringing a refreshing wearing experience for the wearer.

4. Natural elasticity, anti-wrinkle and non-deformation

Fibers, such as coils, quickly return to their original state after bending. Therefore, 100% merino wool sweaters have natural elasticity and stretching. They are not easy to form folds, maintain a comfortable and fitting sense of wear, and are not easy to deform.

So 100%merino wool sweaters are a good choice to wear.

2 set merino wool yarn

Today I will recommend 2 set 100% merino wool yarn to make sweaters. And could provide RWS quality.


2/48NM 100%ultra-fine merino wool.


Mercerized ultra-fine merino wool is used.

Knitted products are close to the skin and do not itch, and can be washed gently by machine.

It is more suitable for spring and summer.


2/26NM 100%superfine merinowool.

Select high-quality super-fine merino wool.

The knitwear surface is plump, light and fluffy, warm and comfortable.

It is very suitable for autumn and winter.

Trinity is the most wideuse with our UK customers for their AW collection.

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