100% Camel Hair Sweater

You deserve a 100%camel hair sweater.

Bactrian camel has a naturally legendary color。

In the extreme desert ecological environment, it is not only resistant to cold, high temperature, but also hunger, thirst and hard work.

Bactrian camel
Bactrian camel

The superiority of camel hair.

Camel hair is taken from the belly of Bactrian camels. After control, the camel hair is apricot yellow, soft and fluffy.

Camel hair is one of the important raw materials for making high-grade fabrics.


Bactrian camels secrete oil in dry environments. Grease seeps into the hair, so it is not easy to produce static electricity. And can keep the camel velvet smooth and soft.

Camel hair fiber is delicate and not easy to cause skin allergy or irritation

Keep Warm

Camel velvet fiber is a porous hollow diabolo node structure. There are many small gaps between the fibers, in which the air is locked, thus forming a layer of warmth.

It can keep warm in cold climate.

In hot climates, excellent air permeability helps to drain heat, thus maintaining comfort.

Sustainability of Camel Hair

Bactrian camels are nomadic in the desert all the year round and are the flagship population with ecotype.

They can effectively protect desert vegetation and protect the development of biological chain in desert areas.

Bactrian camels
Bactrian camels

pruning and promoting regeneration

Bactrian camels play a role in pruning vegetation by eating young leaves of salty, bitter and spiny shrubs in the desert because of their special eating habits.

This also helps to control the growth of vegetation, prevent excessive lush, but also promote the regeneration of some plants.

reduce vegetation damage

Bactrian camels belong to soft-hoofed animals and have less impact on the soil when walking.

Compared with hard-hoofed animals, their hooves are less likely to damage soil and vegetation, helping to maintain the ecology of grasslands.

ecosystem regulation

Due to the large-scale activities of Bactrian camels in the desert, they affect the distribution of vegetation, soil structure and the living state of other organisms by grazing, excretion and walking.

Yarn Recommendation

The velvet surface of camel is plump, the texture is light and soft, and the feel is thick. The color is bright and has natural luster.

Two groups of yarns with fine cashmere fiber of 16-18um and length of 38-40mm are recommended as raw materials.

FILLAN 2/26NM 100%camel hair

The feel is soft, the suede is plump, showing a unique natural luster.

The textiles are fluffy and delicate, and have excellent warmth preservation properties.

100camel hair jumper
100camel hair jumper

MAHALI 2/48NM 85%mercerized merinowool 15%camel hair

The combination of 17.5um Merino wool and camel velvet is delicate and soft, showing a warm and luxurious feeling

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