Focus On EU Market
Professional Knitwear Sweaters Manufacturer&Supplier

#1. Focus On High-End Knitwear Sweaters

women's sweaters/ men's sweaters


women’s high-end sweaters

focusing on detailed quality


men’s high-end sweaters

good at cable pattern



*Send us your idea or drawing

*Yarn, pattern, color, accessory sourcing

*Bring your ideas about knitwear sweaters into reality

*Make your business more profitable.

#2. Sustainable Materials

sustainable materials / luxury yarns / multitudinous patterns / quality details

Organic Cotton




#3. Unique Patterns

The effects of the same style, different materials, and different patterns are all different.

This is a magical permutation and combination work, and in many cases, there will be amazing.

#4. Why Choose BLING-K be Your Reliable Partner

good communication/ fast reaction/ skilled workers/ delivery on time

1. Quick Sampling.---To save your time and never miss any detail.Can turn any pattern into reality

2. Superior Chain Supply.--- Fast market reaction to ensure the delivery of your order.

3. Internal Mass Production.---We have skilled workers and three complete inspections

#5. Our Factory

how do we manufacture your knitwear sweaters?

Check the video below

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#6. Our Assets

machinery is our foundation,employees and clients are our most precious assets

Rich Machinery Equipment

Equipped with Germany STOLL, Japan SHIMA, Chinese CIXING. In addition, hand knitters can turn any pattern into reality.

Happy Clients

To deal with every order professionally

To treat every client sincerely

To be your strong backup and reliable partner

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